IBT-IBT1500 - 15" TouchScreen Point of Service Station
  • 15" Panel PC, with touch screen.
  • Resolution 1024x768, 250nits, 500:1
  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • Fanless system
  • I/O ports: PS2 KB/Mouse, 100 LAN x1, COM port x3, USB port x6, PCI Slot x1
  • 2.5" HD space
  • DOM (Disk on Memory module)
  • Customer Display and Credit Card Reader
  • NEMA4 front panel
    CPU ATom 1.6GHz
    Memory 512 up to 2 GB
    Storage D.O.M (InnoDisk or CF) or HDD 2.5
    I/O Serial(DB9P), LPT(DB25F), USB2.0
    Screen Type TFT LCD 15" BackLight
    Screen Resolution 1024x768 DPI
    Screen Brightness 250nits, 500:1
    Touchscreen analog 5 Wire Resistive
    Film Type Polished, Anti-glare or Anti-reflective
    Response time 35 MS max
    Input Method Finger, pen, or gloved hand
    Touch Durability 35 millions times single location
    Surface Scratching 1 Million times (250gf 60mm/s)
    Surface Pitting 35 Million times (250gf 2 times/s)
    Light Transmission Standard 80%
    Supported Operating Systems MS-DOS, Windows, Linux etc
    Operation Environment -20 ~ 60°C
    Storage Temperature -30 ~ 70C
    Humidity 60C, 90% RH 280 HR
    Customer Display  
    Display 20 columns X 2 lines
    User-defined characters can be downloaded
    Compatible Esc/Pos command
    Interface Serial integrated
    Attachment On foot or over a pole
    Display Color Blue Green
    Brightness 700 cd/m2
    Character Size 9.0 x 5.25 mm
    MTBF (power on time) 25000 hours
    View angle 0~45 degree
    Rotation angle 90 degree vertical
    Dimension 225(W) x 28.5(H) x 10(D) (1"1/8 x 1"3/4)
    Operating Temperature 0~45°C 10~90RH
    Storage Temperature -10~50°C 10~90RH
    Screen 352 x 279 x 76mm (14"x 11"x 3") (W H D)
    Card reader 25 x 88mm (1" x3.5")
    Weight Informations 18 < LB in Ready to ship / Packed (1 box)
    15 LB Main units with stand and Customer Display
    5.4 LB Stand with Customer Display
    9.6 LB PanelPC
    click to large photoStand Viewclick to large photoCustomer Display

    Order Information

    - 15" Panel PC with touch screen and CPU,Memory,Storage
    SYS-IBT1500STN - Stand for Panel PC 1500