Sunlight Readable System & screen
  • Outdoor Super Bright 46 Inch HD-LCD Screen, Sun readable, auto Brightness control sensors, all-weather IP65 steel enclosure, vandal Resistant Screen & housing, multi Smart fan for airflow, keeps system unit cool and dry in any weather
  • Small Foot print units, 10.4 inch screen, Intel Atom Fanless system Board
  • It is for full outdoor use, can work in any harsh environment. Its protection grade reaches IP65, waterproof and dustproof. Built-in Air Conditioner for cooling and heating, this kind of LCD Display can keep normal operation in the environment of -40 to +55 ℃. iBt owns LED backlight technology. By adopting LED backlight, the brightness of each screen is up to 1500 cd/㎡, which ensures LCD readability under direct sunlight. Touch screen is also an option for this model.
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